9 February, 2016


GUIDRAWGUIDRAW  is a Windows app developed in 2009 that, toguether with the Wii Remote and a pen developed for this app, it is able to estimate correctly the pose of the pen in the space in real time. In that way it can be used as a 3D mouse by any application (for example, a 3D pen to be used with a paint app).

This 3D pen does not need to be calibrated, as it only uses one camera. Then it can be placed at any place and start using it instantly.

The pen is designed as a back curved T with four infrared leds in specific positions.


Taking the pen from behind with one hand, and placing it in front of the infrared camera of the Wii Remote by bluetooth, GUIDRAW computes the three-dimensional pose of the pen in the space, showing the results in the screen. Also it paints the virtual representation of the pen in a 3D environment to check graphically the results.



Boligrafo_GUIDRAWAt left side can be seen the pen prototype build. In that way, buying a Wii Remote, four infrared leds, a resistance and one battery, and the structure for the pen all by 20€, we can have a 3D mouse to be used as whatever we want.

Although it depends of the use, in general we will need to add some more led, or another kind of mechanism to add button functionality to the 3D pen – mouse.

Following this design, the pen has to be always looking to the infrared camera (is stable rotating the pen no more than 45º right/left, and 30º up/down). If it is a problem, this technique also allows the possibility  of design a pen with, for example, 12 leds, which will allow GUIDRAW see the leds of the pen whatever is its position.